Saturday, January 31, 2009

2009, I welcome thee with open arms!

So this blog finally starts a new year! I apologize for the delay in posting over the last month - I was determined that this should be the first post of 2009 (my sentimentality is showing :P). I could make the excuse that I was curing that 50% blogging addiction that a quiz linked to on Mada's blog claimed I had, but that wouldn't be really true. However...Starting college again a couple weeks ago (and having three papers due within the first 3 weeks of class!), being in a musical in which I have a lead role, and catching up on some work (from my transciptionist job especially),I have been extremely busy.

So here is basically what I wrote out to post at the beginning of the year, though my perfectionism and busy schedule prevented me from posting it then.


This past year has been one of growing, of trusting, and of faith, for me. I shan't ramble on and on tonight, so I'll pretty much leave it at this. My faith has grown by leaps and bounds, as has my peace and joy in Him. It's not been easy - in fact that could be said of the past few years for my family. Still, Romans 8:28 comes to mind, and I can believe it with all my heart. I pray that you can, as well - there's such a peace and freedom in knowing that everything works out for the good of those who love Him. And I am so grateful for my family and friends whom the Lord has provided to encourage me along the way.

So 2008 was a year of changes and challenges. But 2009...Ah, something completely new! I'm not sure exactly why, but I have such an excitement, joy, and absolutely ecstatic delight about this new year! God must have major plans for me in it; I don't think I've felt such excitement about the New Year before! It feels like a fresh start. God is good; He is faithful - I am in awe of how He shows me this new each day.


What else is new with Notmyown? Well, other than the already mentioned things - college, my job (which is not really new), and the musical - let's see....Oh! I am so very happy! Lord willing, I'll be taking a ballroom dancing class starting mid-February! It's really a God-thing (and rather a long story :P)...I got to dance at a wedding reception recently and absolutely fell in love with it.

Right now the main things occupying my time are my job and college...I've missed you all the past month or so - but college professors wouldn't really accept blogging as a legitimate substitute for an assigned paper, unfortunately. ;) I would appreciate your prayers, actually; not only that I would keep up with my job and two college English classes, but that He would give me wisdom regarding college. My dad and I have discussed my transferring to a different university that is a distance from home - about half a day's drive, but still in Texas...that's a huge decision that needs lots of prayer.

Oh, and in case you're interested, I updated my profile - I finally got around to listing some of my favorite movies, books, music, etc. (though those lists are certainly only partial). ;)

Anyway; Lord willing I will be posting every week or two now...Thanks for your patience during my blogging break. :) God bless!