Thursday, May 15, 2008

A beginning...

...can be a most daunting task in the mind of a writer. Where shall I start?

On the Apologia and Applesauce Pudding forums many of you know me by the alias "Notmyown"- and indeed, I am not my own; I have been ransomed at a price, and therefore I desire to honor and love the One who freed me from death and whom I now serve willingly, growing closer to Him every day (I hope!) - I long to know and ever be in His will, imperfect though I know I am.

So then, I welcome you. On this blog will be shared my journey, thoughts, laughter, and questions, to name a few likely subjects; may you be encouraged, challenged, cheered, and blessed by whatever may be shared here! :)


Mada said...

Yay! Notmyown has a blog! I'll do my best to direct some of my own readers to visit here.

NotMyOwn said...

Oh, thanks so much, Mada! :)