Friday, September 5, 2008

The same sun, across the world...

Isn't that a strange thought? Though there may be a million miles between us (ok, maybe just thousands for Spencer and I...I'm not a very good judge of distance), we all see and feel the same sun every day. We gaze at the same moon every night. Isn't that amazing?

Anyway, in keeping with Mada's recent post, here are some sunrise/sunset/cloud pictures taken in Texas over the course of the past few years. Not nearly as fantastic as the New Zealand ones, but God does too brilliant of a job to allow me to call them anything less than beautiful. ;)

Oh, and I'll post some more landscape pictures soon. :)

{{The first 4 were taken at the beach a few years ago, where we stayed in a condo with some friends for a weekend.}}

I know, this one doesn't actually belong the sunrise/sunset/cloud category, but I love the way the pattern in the sand matches the pattern of the clouds in the previous picture.


Mada said...

Wow, really nice! The first two are my favourites, with the last three coming in a close second.

Briar said...

Nice shots :)

NotMyOwn said...

Thanks...I think I'd have to agree that the first two are probably my favorites. But the one of the moon (and the last one) were pictures that I actually "dug up" out of the archives of photos on our external hard drive, and I was rather pleased to rediscover those. ;P

And welcome, Briar - I appreciate you stopping by! :)

olde.fashioned said...

And here I thought I was the only one who liked cloud shots!! ;-P They're lovely. :-)

NotMyOwn said...

Many thanks - and if you like cloud photos, visit The Cloud Appreciation Society and browse their gallery for a while. :)

guitargirl said...

People who appreciate clouds have their own society?? LOL!
Hey notmyown! I just found your blog from Bits and Bytes. Cool blog! I'm trying to get some word out about mine. Come visit me sometime!
God bless!

NotMyOwn said...

Hey Guitargirl! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

There's probably a society or special group for just about everything, nowadays. ;)

How'd you find Bits and Bytes, just out of curiosity?

olde.fashioned said...

Hi again!

A thousand apologies for not getting back to you before -- I hope you're not most seriously displeased with me. ;-) My inbox has a case of the cup-runneth-overs, lol.

Thank you for the link! I think I'll save it and maybe make a batch of cloud icons sometime. :-D Thanks!

NotMyOwn said...

No apologies necessary, Lauren - I totally understand about the Inbox "cup-runneth-overs," trust me. :)

You're welcome! Glad you have some use for it. ;)