Friday, November 28, 2008

Randomly Tagged

Spencer tagged me to post "15 random facts that I'm not afraid to admit about myself."

(Oh, and happy belated Thanksgiving, by the way!)

1. This is the first time I've been tagged in the blogging world (and I've been in it for almost 3 years thus far!).

2. You know the first letter in the famous "Disney" signature? Well I didn't realize that that was actually a "D" until...Well until earlier this year, I think.

3. As far as credits go, I'm almost a second-semester college sophomore.

4. I looove applesauce, but my favorite fruit is kiwi fruit (in America we just call them kiwis, but I've got NZers that read my blog, so....I thought a clarification was necessary ;) ).

5. One of my brothers has told me several times that (for some strange reason) if I were a cat, I would look like my own cat, Faith...Hmmm.

6. I used to be extremely ticklish, but now there are only a few people who can tickle me 'til I laugh hysterically (my dad especially).

7. I really do not like it when people start to tell or ask something, and then say "Nevermind."

8. I'm left-handed, in case you didn't already know by reading that piece I wrote for Mada's blog last year.

9. My family is very health conscious. That means, among other things, that as a general rule we don't use a microwave, we don't eat things that have HFCS or MSG or partially hydrogenated oils in them, and even most of our household cleaners are natural.

10. I shocked my cousin earlier this week by telling her that we had actually "slept in" that day.

11. One of my brothers (the one that is younger than me by 5 years) is now taller than me and has feet that must be almost twice as large as mine (ok, that might be a slight exaggeration).

12. I love the outdoors, and I like to walk in the rain.

13. I've heard some people say that they thought the first Narnia (directed by Andrew Adamson) was boring - well I happen to LOVE that movie. So there.

14. It's not unusual for me to get extremely chilly at night, so I sleep with quite a few blankets over my sheets - I think there are four layers of blankets and comforters on my bed right now (but remember that it's winter here at the moment).

15. We watched Walle recently - another film to add to Pixar's list of total successes!

As for tagging other people....Hmm. I suppose I'll tag Guitargirl and The Editrix - there aren't many readers of this blog to tag, and some have already been tagged by Spencer. ;)

I apologize in advance if my next post is not on schedule - I have so much work to do at the moment...I'm hoping that (Lord willing) I can get caught up this weekend, but I thought I should warn you just in case. Maybe some more photography will be in the next post? We shall see.

I thank God for you - may He bless and keep you. :)


Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

LOL, heehee! Thanks for answering!

11. I'm 6'4" with a 14 shoe size. ;-P

guitargirl said...

Thanx for tagging me; I shall post mine in a few days! :)

NotMyOwn said...

LOL, heehee! Thanks for answering!

11. I'm 6'4" with a 14 shoe size. ;-P

You're welcome. ;)

:O You're nearly a foot taller than me and your feet are probably more than TWICE as big as mine! Wow...:D

BTW, did you make your blog "private" intentionally? :(

Thanx for tagging me; I shall post mine in a few days! :)

Haha I'm glad you're actually happy about being tagged - most people in the blogging world don't appreciate it that much. :P

Mada said...

1: I'm still not even sure how or why it happens. Why do they even call it tagging? It either sounds like I'm sneaking around some warehouses with a spraypaint can in one hand, or I'm running away from someone who's trying to touch me.

2: I'll pray for you.

4: Good call. ;-)

7: Well, I always thought that it...aww, never mind.

8: So is one of my younger brothers. Sad story of his life. :-D LOL

9: That reminds me - my brothers and I are participating in a healthy eating course. Very tasty!

13: I felt that Peter was too wimpy with his attitude in that movie, in contrast to his bolder attitude in the book. Then in Prince Caspian, he's a total jerk. They never can seem to get his personality right.

15: Lucky. I missed out - no time or money. :-(

NotMyOwn said...


1. Maybe because it's similar to the game of 'tag', in a way - one person's "it" (fills out the quiz) and then "tags" someone else (or several other people). And usually people don't WANT to be tagged (in all three definitions)...But who knows how those sorts of internet viruses spread. :P

2. Thaaanks...;) I think the thing was that when I was really little and I watched Disney movies, that fancy "D" registered as a symbol of some kind - it does look kind of like a backwards treble clef. :P

7. Mada! *sigh* Well fine then..."CHILLAX!"

8. Well then I feel sorry for your brother - I love my left-handedness and have a very wonderful life, tanjuberrymuds. :P

9. :D Who says healthy food isn't delicious?

13. I actually thought they did a really good job with Peter. At the beginning of the first movie, he's pretty much a wimp, and lets Susan push him around...But over the course of the movie, he becomes more confident and begins his journey to "manhood", if you will, whereas he was a boy at the beginning. As for the second one...At first I would have agreed with you on Peter - he was a total jerk. However, if you think about WHY they did it, I kinda see where they were going...He had lived an entire lifetime as a king in Narnia; someone revered and honored. Then he gets back to the real world and he is still regarded as a kid. In Narnia, he expects to be treated just as before, without regard to anyone else. So yeah, he was pretty annoying for most of the second one, but I think by the end he got a little better. But I only saw it once in theaters...I need to get the DVD!

15. We rented it - we didn't go watch that one in theaters.

The Editrix said...

Guess what - you've been tagged again! :-)

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Hey there!

Do me a favor please, check out my latest blog post and vote for Matt Chancey for Man of the Year. Spread the word; we need him to win!!!


NotMyOwn said...

The Editrix:

Thanks! I'll answer it if I can find the time to do so. ;)


He won! :)