Sunday, May 31, 2009

A bit of photo-journaling and potpourri

Hello again! I'm back! Hopefully y'all are still here, too...Get ready for a fairly "casual" "life update" post.

Wow, has it really been over a MONTH since I updated this blog last? Ugh, that's awful. I apologize! Let's see...Yes. The day after my last post, I went with my dad to visit JBU for a few days. I believe I suggested that I might have some pictures of it for you, too. Well, I was kept so busy during my short visit there that I didn't really have a lot of time to take pictures - and when I did have time I was busy recovering from all the talking necessary over the course of the day. LOL I was pretty exhausted by the end of it. But it was a lot of fun, and my dad and I did get a few pictures during/after the tours and such.

The Art Building (which is of course where most of the Photography classes, computer labs, dark room, etc. are located) - Picture taken by Daddy

The Clock tower; to the left is the Walker Student Center (this photo also taken by Daddy)

The campus and surrounding town were filled with these lovely dogwood trees, which were in full bloom...That's the Admissions building in the background (This photo was taken by me ;) )

During the first couple weeks of May, I had a huge annotated bibliography paper assignment due (imagine doing 7 essays ABOUT 7 literary critisizm essays), a huge final exam (the final for the other class was canceled - Praise the Lord!), my birthday and that of Ajoyfulheart, and Ajoyfulheart's graduation ceremony (at which I was the pianist). Even though there were only ten graduates, there were quite a few people that attended - the graduation ceremony was put together by the local homeschooling group, of which our family is a part.

So then, the past few weeks my family has been recovering from those incredibly hectic few weeks. And I have been working. And searching. And working. And doing some more researching. And Daddy has been helping me search. I'm getting caught up on the transcriptionist work (yay!). What does the transcriptionist work have to do with the "searching" I just mentioned, you ask? Well, I'll show you.

I finally bought a car! Yes, I "bit the bullet" and bought a car. And I'm paying for it all - without loans. I'm determined that if one simply does not buy what one cannot afford, then one can easy avoid debt (except in extenuating circumstances). My daddy told me which particular model he preferred that I purchase (for safety reasons, mostly, especially since I'll be doing some long-distance driving), and then he helped me find one that I could afford and that I liked. (Isn't my daddy great?) It's used, but in very good condition over all and it had low mileage...And it's a pretty color, too (it rather matches the blue in my blog! LOL).

So, I'm a happy girl. I wasn't sure about that particular model of vehicle at first, but I'm already getting sort of attached to my car. ;-)

By the way, have you SEEN the insurance for drivers under the age of 25? Ugh, it's ridiculous. *sigh* Oh well, enough of that. I am blessed. VERY blessed.

I know that many of you are probably finding yourselves with a lot of work to do - whether school or job related - so I thought I'd share this with you. I found it on my mom's computer in an Outlook "note" while we were working on something completely unrelated. It encouraged me, so I thought it might encourage you.

"Thank God every day when you get up that you have something to do which must be done whether you like it or not. Being forced to work and forced to do your best will breed in you temperance and self-control, diligence and strength of will, cheerfulness and content, and a hundred virtues which the idle will never know." ~Basil Carpenter


Mada said...

That's a nicer first car than mine! Lucky. :-D One of my friends (who is watching me type this) wants to know what make, model, engine, etc...oh, and if it's manual or automatic. (What can I say? He's a bit of a petrolhead)

The college looks nice from those photos! Mine doesn't even compare. So grand and old-fashioned...I suppose "stately" would be a good way to describe it.

WildWeazel said...

Congrats on the car! Is that a Civic?
I agree with Mada about the college. Very nice campus. Much different from the "tech school" look of my alma mater.

NotMyOwn said...

Adam: Haha! It isn't anything fancy (except maybe the color :P). It's a 2004 Toyota Camry. I don't know much about the engine, really - I mostly just trusted my dad in that regard - but it's a four cylinder, if that satisfies your friend's curiosity on that score. ;-) Its transmission is automatic...Oh, and it has about 57, 000 miles on it (but the tires are brand new).

I love JBU's campus. It's so lovely, and antique-looking while still maintaining a cleanliness and freshness about it. And the Cathedral of the Ozarks (their name for the huge chapel on campus) is positively amazing.

WW: Thanks! Actually it's a Toyota Camry - more "specs" on it in my answer to Adam, if you happen to be interested. ;-)

Yeah, and the "old-fashioned" look of the campus really appeals to me - I'm not much on the really modern-looking buildings. :-P