Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Return of Notmyown

Greetings from Texas and a belated merry and blessed Christmas to you all. :-) Yep, I finished finals the week before Christmas and arrived home in Texas that Friday. After a day of rest and doing very little, we got busy on Sunday making candied pecans and strawberry jam - on Monday we made 2 batches of fudge (:-D :-D), on Tuesday we made 3 batches of bread, and on Wednesday we made pumpkin cookies and chocolate chip cookies. And no, those weren't all for us...In fact most of it was for other people. ;-) Anyway, all that to say that I've been super busy even when home (I've noticed most of y'all seem to be quite busy with the rest of life right now, so I'm sure you understand :-P) but Christmas was absolutely wonderful and relaxing . And guess what happened on Christmas? My dad got a Facebook! Finally. :-D Haha. ;-)

It's been so nice to be home again - I'd like to catch you all up on the previous semester (and what I'm doing at home) if time allows; since it would take a VERY long post to do so, I'll just do shorter posts and see how that updating goes (if it happens at all). ;-) I'll be home until the 11th of January, when I'll leave for Arkansas again...

Oh, and by the way: I saw this on Spencer's blog a while back and thought it was a fun idea, so I'm incorporating it. Ask me any and as many questions as you like on this post (about anything, as long as it's appropriate and won't endanger anyone's online safety) and I shall do my best to answer them in a later post especially for the purpose (I do, however, retain the right to choose to not answer a question if necessary - but if I do, I'll probably give the reason why). Perhaps I'll make it a Christmas tradition if it's used. :-P

One more thing for you music lovers - if you haven't discovered and yet, go look them up!! I've heard that doesn't work in countries outside the USA yet (they're working on it), but perhaps Grooveshark does...

More to come soon, hopefully - if I don't post again before the turn of the year, a very, very happy and blessed New Year to you all. Can you believe 2010 is already almost here? Time goes so quickly...I'll be twenty in less than 6 months!! I'm not sure what to make of that.


WildWeazel said...

And a belated Happy New Year to you! It seems like everyone is returning to their blogs recently, thought you have not been as absent as some (not to mention any names).

My dad is on the facebooks too. First it was kids, now all the old people are on there spamming it up. I'm growing more resentful of it every day.

I just found Grooveshark recently. It's a bit awkward at times and doesn't have the music selection of either Pandora or (at least in my sub-genres), but it does let me make playlists and play any song on demand.

What's your top goal for 2010?
If you started a band what would you call it?
Favorite novel, movie, ice cream flavor, and M&M color?
If you were a doughnut stranded on a desert island, would you eat yourself?
If you could visit any country smaller than Switzerland, where would you go?
If you were a farmer with 17 sheep and all but 9 died, how many would you have left?
Can I come to Texas?

The Warrior said...

If you have a few moments, I'd like you to read my latest blog post if you could. Then comment, please!